Mortimer Blakely is Missing

It is 1899.  The Reverend George Hobb has been attacked by a gang and is now recovering, bloodied and bruised, in a dark prison cell.

A York-based barrister, James Cairn, is called to defend Hobb in what appears to be an open-and-shut case, except for one thing: the Reverend has swapped his dog collar for a woman’s dress.

The authorities are determined to make an example of Hobb – but why?  Can Cairn prove his innocence?

After receiving a blackmail threat, Cairn hires Mortimer Blakely, a private investigator.  When Blakely mysteriously goes missing, Cairn realises that his own life is in danger.


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Mortimer Blakely is Missing

'Tomorrow would be a day of reckoning.  Tomorrow I was determined to find Mortimer Blakely.'